Témoignage de Mrs Dimitra Tsiolis


Over the course of the past six months, my family and I have been challenged by an unfathomable and worrisome situation. This past January, my father began experiencing shortness of breath and sharp back pain. Being a heavy smoker from a relatively young age, our thoughts led us to believe his symptoms were linked to serious medical condition.
A visit to his GP confirmed that the months to come would effectively be of great difficulty. After a first consultation with a pulmonologist, the first set of results was gruesome and we were informed that my father had an untreatable form of lung cancer. The devastating news dwelled for days and caused ambiguous thoughts to cross our minds continuously. It was at that point that the only plausible solution was to turn to God and ask him for guidance and strength. I can now confirm that God sent Dr. Ferraro into our lives to complete his task.
After our first appointment with Dr. Ferraro, I remember leaving his office with my family without having shed a single tear and feeling an immense sense of relief. Dr. Ferraro took the time to reassures us that he sees several similar cases on a weekly basis and cannot come to any conclusions before all medical examinations, biopsies and scans were completed.


Approximately a month after our initial appointment, Jonas, Dr. Ferraro’s wonderful assistant, called to schedule an immediate appointment. The following day as we sat impatiently in the examination room, Dr. Ferraro entered the room, greeted us with a smile and distracted our minds with a lighthearted story. He proceeded by confirming that my father did indeed suffer from lung cancer. It was at that precise moment that Dr. Ferraro’s expertise and compassion shined through, setting him apart from any other doctor. He demanded that we remained calm, not ask any questions about the cancer itself and ask permission from my father and my family to execute his duties as a surgeon to save my father’s life.


It has now been a month since my father’s pneumonectomy and the only reason his health has been reestablished is due to the fact that God answered our prayers through Dr. Ferraro. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Ferraro who took it upon himself to ensure that my father survived lung cancer. Although he came into our lives as a surgeon of the highest caliber, he will forever remain an angel in our hearts. We pray for nothing but many blessings for Dr. Ferraro to carry on his duty of saving many more lives in the future. On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank Dr. Ferraro and his staff for taking exceptional care of my father.