Personal Donations

Online personal donations are a good way to contribute. Your donation, regardless of the amount, will help the Foundation find solutions to thoracic, oesophageal and lung diseases, which leads the Thoracic Surgery Team at the CHUM to operate on more than 1300 patients in the Province of Quebec each year. Depending on your preferences, your donation can be directed to one of our Research Chairs, one of our research programs (CETOC or Ex Vivo) or to our general fund for research.  



Corporate Donations

Making a corporate donation to our Foundation is a very effective and important way to help finance innovative research on oesophageal diseases, thoracic oncology and lung transplantation. By the same token, your company demonstrates to your employees, your clients and your community that you support our efforts and facilitate access to personalized and highly-specialized care for our patients by providing them with the hope of overcoming their illness. Please consider the possibility of making a donation today, to support a project that is near and dear to your heart! And let your employees know that you support our cause! To donate online, click here We’d be happy to walk you through the process. Contact us today!


Planned Gifts

Are you interested in participating in projects that would allow our Foundation to do more to help our patients in a meaningful way? There are many different ways for you to give back to your community and to rally your employees around a good cause. Your employees can show their support of our Foundation through a customized payroll deduction program within your company. They can choose to donate a specified amount every paycheck, or via preset amounts at specific times of the year. Employees can also organize a third party fundraiser for our cause, where proceeds would be earmarked for our Foundation. We’d be happy to walk you through the process. Contact us today!


“In Memoriam” Donations

Make a donation in memory of a loved one

For the relatives and friends of the deceased, “In Memoriam” donations are gestures of generosity that express their condolences to the family. According to the known interests of the deceased, the donation can be directed to one of our Research Chairs, to one of our research programs (CETOC or Ex Vivo) or to the general fund for research.

If you wish, we can send a card according to your instructions.

To donate online, click here


THE THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL has developed a Donor Recognition Program to thank those who contribute to the development of thoracic surgery in Québec and the success of the Foundation’s projects. This document describes the different levels of the recognition program according to donor profiles, and provides guidelines for its operation with regards to visibility opportunities. Please note that donations are cumulative and confer onto the donor, where appropriate, the subsequent honorary title and benefits associated with it. On a yearly basis, the list of donors is included in all documentation distributed.

Objectives :

  • Ensure appropriate and timely recognition of donor contributions to THE THRORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTRÉAL
  • Implement a recognition protocol for donors through the definition of categories in which they can be identified according to their contribution
  • Create public recognition for certain categories of donors, as described below
  • Create a donor recognition program that acknowledges, in some way, ALL of the contributions
  • Create levels of giving that will prompt donors to commit to one of the categories
  • Create a mechanism for potential donors to participate at the level of giving suitable to their personal circumstances

Recognition Guidelines

  • Recognition guidelines must be in keeping with the donor’s wishes, and in concert with THE THRORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL’s mission and mandate
  • Recognition of the donation will commence upon confirmation in writing of the pledge and receipt of the donation
  • In all cases, a donor’s wish for anonymity will be respected


A major donation can be spread over a period of three years or more according to pre-established conditions. This type of donation allows the organization to make long-term plans for its activities and services. Recognition Program available.



The THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL has implemented a planned giving program to provide donors with other ways to contribute to its ongoing efforts to support the research, development and promote access to personalized and highly skilled care. The different types of donations each benefit from specific tax advantages. However, the planned gift most frequently used is the charitable bequest. It is a great opportunity to help an organization whose cause is dear to you. In collaboration with your legal or financial advisor, we can help you evaluate the different types of donation to select the one best suited to your financial situation and expectations.


Different types of donation

Charitable bequest

A will is often an essential document on which you name to whom and how your assets will be distributed after your death. The charitable bequest can take various forms depending on the amount, the asset or percentage of your estate that you want to donate to an organization. The bequest costs you nothing during your lifetime, but has significant tax benefits upon your death, in addition to greatly assist the Foundation in meeting its objectives. Tax benefit : A bequest to a charitable organization confers, upon your death, a non-refundable tax credit equal to approximately 50% of the value of the donation. The estate can use the amount of the charitable receipt up to a maximum of 100% of the net income of the deceased, for the year of death, and can carry the excess forward to the year preceding death. * If you have already named the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL as a beneficiary in your will, we would like to be informed in order to express our gratitude. Rest assured of the strictest confidentiality of our communications. Read more…

Life insurance contract

It is possible to donate a life insurance policy to the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL. You can donate a life insurance policy that is already paid for or yet, pay the premiums, designating the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL as the irrevocable beneficiary. Tax benefit: A person who designates a charitable organization as owner and beneficiary of his/her life insurance policy, or of one of his/her insurance policy, can get a charitable receipt in the amount of the cash surrender value of this policy, plus interest and other accumulated dividends. If the person retains ownership of the policy, but names an organization as the beneficiary, the estate will benefit from the tax credit. If the ownership of a life insurance policy is transferred to an organization, it will then be possible to obtain receipts for the annual premiums paid. Read more…

Charitable annuity

You can transfer an amount of money to the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL through an insurance company that will pay you an annuity for the rest of your life. This option guarantees you steady earnings for life, in the form of an annuity. Tax benefit : The donor receives a charitable receipt equal to the percentage (at least 20%) of the remaining annuity amount of the donation year. In addition, depending on your situation, this annuity will be taxed at a very low rate or not at all. Read more…

Gift of securities

The gift of securities (shares, bonds or other publicly traded securities) to the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL, rather than transferring the amount obtained from its sale to the Foundation, provides you with tax savings without affecting your cash flow. Following the receipt of the donation, the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL will send you a receipt in the amount equal to the fair market value of the security. Tax benefit : While the sale of a security normally gives rise to a tax rate of 50% on any capital gain, the donation made to a charitable organization does not result in the taxation of this gain. The donation made via securities is therefore less expensive to you than a cash donation after the sale of such securities. Read more…

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are inalienable funds, consisting of sums of money or securities (shares, bonds, etc.) obtained through a donation during your lifetime or a bequest after your death. It is a form of planned gift which consists of giving a sum of money to the THORACIC SURGERY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL and designating the project that the income generated by the capital donated will support. A charitable receipt is issued by the Foundation for the sums received to create or feed the endowment funds.